What is DAHA accreditation?

DAHA accreditation is the UK benchmark for how housing providers should respond to domestic abuse in the UK.

Our accreditation framework includes 8 priority areas that considers an organisation's operations and delivers safe and effective interventions in domestic abuse.

It builds in processes that help guide staff to adequately address the needs of survivors and hold abusers to account.

"DAHA Accreditation is designed as universal protection, not as a targeted service, it is designed to be present everywhere because it might be needed anywhere. DAHA Accreditation is also designed as a preventative system in and of itself, it is designed to work within a WHA framework, to detect domestic abuse and help deliver the right response" (York University Interim Evaluation)


Our principles

Accreditation is based on the following principles:

We are the only project in the UK offering a domestic abuse accreditation for the housing sector. DAHA accreditation is recognised in the government's Ending Violence against Women and Girls Strategy: 2016 to 2020By becoming DAHA accredited, housing providers and services are taking a stand to ensure they deliver safe and effective responses to domestic abuse. 

Thinking about going for Accreditation? Why not look at our DAHA Membership offer with options for accreditation support built-in.

While it is possible to go for accreditation without joining as a member you will be missing out on key support and benefits such as:

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