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  • "A huge eye-opener"

    "The process of achieving DAHA accreditation was a huge eye-opener for us at Women’s Pioneer and has enabled us to embed domestic abuse as a key concern for all staff. As London’s largest specialist housing association for women, we are proud to have been one of the first providers to have been accredited, and maintaining our accreditation is an essential part of our vision to make a positive difference to women’s lives."

    Women's Pioneer Housing

  • "Customer satisfaction is now 90%"

    "Obtaining the DAHA accreditation helped to change the provision of services for people fleeing Domestic Abuse 100% and the culture of the service. We became the first Housing Solutions/Housing Needs service in England to obtain the DAHA accreditation and we would strongly recommend the DAHA accreditation to all 326 councils across England. Customer satisfaction is now 90% from the 30,000 households who visit the Housing Solutions service each year and this is as a result of the change in service provision following the DAHA accreditation."

    Southwark Council

  • "All staff are equipped to provide excellent services to survivors"

    "Hull City Council Neighbourhoods and Housing were delighted to achieve DAHA accreditation in 2019. It created fresh momentum to tackle the issue of domestic abuse across the service, allowing us to focus on ensuring that all staff are equipped to provide excellent services to survivors. Front line staff are extremely proud of our accreditation and we believe that external endorsement of our approach has set a new, higher standard that staff strive to achieve in their day to day work."

    Hull City Council