If you are considering going for DAHA accreditation, the below steps will give you an idea of what the process will look like, at a glance.

If you'd like to find out more then please get in touch!

1. Sign up

  • You as the social housing provider contact DAHA to register your commitment
  • You identify a DAHA lead within your organisation to support the accreditation process
  • DAHA sends you guidance on getting started

2. Getting started

  • A senior member from your organisation informs staff that you are acquiring DAHA accreditation
  • Your DAHA lead sets up a steering group, with at least one staff member leading on each priority area
  • Your DAHA lead reviews how your organisation is already performing against DAHA standards

3. In progress

  • Your steering group is in action. Members attend DAHA workshops, make use of the enhanced online toolkit resources and receive guidance from a DAHA Development Manager
  • Around about the third steering group meeting, notify DAHA when you want to book in your assessment visit  

4. Assessment

  • Your DAHA assessor conducts the assessment, including a desktop review of evidence compiled and completes a site visit  
  • The site visit includes a meeting with the steering group (including a senior staff member), case audits on all case recording systems and staff interviews
  • Your DAHA assessor informs you of the outcome within a month of the assessment visit. Extensions may be issued if further evidence required

5. Renewal

  • DAHA will contact you six months prior to your 3-year accreditation expires to set a date for your renewal assessment
  • You may want to convene a steering group to review performance and update your assessment document to capture continuous improvements.

How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Based on feedback from other providers that have acquired accreditation, it can take on average 12 months from the first steering group meeting to be ready for the assessment visit.

With generous funding from MHCLG, Comic Relief and London Councils, we have three DAHA Development Managers who can offer the following:

  • Guidance and support on getting started and throughout the process.

  • Advice on implementing the standards.
  • Deliver workshops on each priority area. See our workshop page for upcoming events or contact us if you're interested in hosting one in your area.

A member of the DAHA team can also provide on-site support with a brief overview of documents including policy & procedure and communications, case auditing, conducting service gap analysis and producing recommendation reports. This can be commissioned on a consultancy basis.

The accreditation costs a minimum of £3,000 + VAT and depends on the size and geographic spread of your organisation. This fee covers the costs associated with carrying out the assessment including a desktop review of supporting documents and resources, a minimum two-day site visit where we will complete case audits and conduct interviews with staff and writing up the assessment report. 

The accreditation is valid for three years, after which you will be invited to become reaccredited.