New Enhanced Accredited Members Shout Out: The Guinness Partnership


We would like to congratulate The Guinness Partnership on achieving DAHA accreditation for the second time! Thank you to all staff involved for all your hard work and ongoing commitment to supporting those experiencing domestic abuse. 

We are delighted to award The Guinness Partnership (TGP) Enhanced Accreditation status following a successful re-accreditation.

The panel made the decision to award Enhanced Accreditation demonstrating that The Guinness Partnership have met all the standards in each of the eight priority areas. Further to this, The Guinness Partnership have shown exemplary practice in terms of the culture change within the organisation ensuring that identifying and responding to domestic abuse is an organisational priority. Guinness has also exceeded expectations of the accreditation in some areas, including supporting by and for services creating an example of best practice.

The Guinness Partnership are committed to continuous development, they have a social investment team that identify need and gaps in service within the communities they work with and fund projects and organisations to meet the needs of these communities.

Congratulations again, The Guinness Partnership truly is a beacon of good practice. We cannot wait to see what other changes you will make to enhance your response to domestic abuse. 


*To find out more about The Guinness Partnership and the work they do please visit their website:

**It is important to acknowledge that on 4th December 2023 Shepherds Bush Housing Association (SBHA) became a subsidiary of The Guinness Partnership with the intention to be working closely to integrate key business functions. Shepherds Bush Housing Association is an existing DAHA member, only recently beginning work to adopt and embed standards of good practice in response to domestic abuse. For the purpose of this accreditation, SBHA are not included and will remain separate members until they achieve DAHA accreditation at which point, all the housing stock, staff, and functions will be considered as part of The Guinness Partnership re-accreditation in 3 years’ time.