New Accredited Members Shout Out: Southampton City Council


We would like to congratulate Southampton City Council on achieving DAHA accreditation for the second time! Thank you to all staff involved for all your hard work and ongoing commitment to supporting those experiencing domestic abuse. 

Southampton City Council strives to continue evolving their services to meet the needs of their communities. The rates of Domestic Abuse remain high, so it’s incredibly important to them that their response to survivors is tailored to survivors individual needs – this is why they feel so passionately about DAHA and have recently introduced the Whole Housing Approach Framework.

Southampton City Council have clearly demonstrated their commitment to the development of the ongoing support for survivors of domestic abuse within Southampton. The council is rolling out continuous training and support for staff to ensure that all staff are able to build on their foundational knowledge, and can recognise and respond to domestic abuse across the housing directorate.

We were particularly impressed with how Southampton City Council demonstrated a strong commitment to developing their staff team in order to support survivors from marginalised and minoritized communities. We are excited to seeing these developments unfolding over the course of our ongoing work with Southampton City Council.

Staff have commented that DAHA accreditation processes have been found beneficial in understanding the critical role Housing plays in Domestic Abuse and it has raised the profile of Domestic Abuse in the wider organisation as well as encouraged partnership working with neighbour authorities.

Congratulations again, Southampton City Council truly is a beacon of good practice. We can’t wait to see what other changes you will make to enhance your response to domestic abuse.