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Welcome to the inaugural post of the DAHA blog!

We look forward to posting some personal blogs from across the sector as well as guest appearances from accredited housing providers with wisdom to share.

We are kicking it all off with our day-in-the-life series where you can steal a glance into the daily goings on of those working in the domestic abuse and housing sectors. First up, it's Standing Together's new CEO Guddy...


Guddy is the CEO of Standing Together and has been in the role since February 2020. She lives in the Surrey countryside and likes R&B, drinking wine and spending time with her 3 sisters.


06:30 – Wake up before my alarm – this is a running theme since lockdown as I dream about work and my to do list! Check Twitter 😊

07:15 – Quickly nip to the shop at the end of my road and have a lovely chat with Sue who has worked there for years and is one of my weekly sources of a natter!

07:45 – Start work with my daily update to the team. This really motivates me every morning and I love summarising all the amazing work that the ST team do. Proud does not quite cut it 😊

08:00 – Daily zoom call to my 3 sisters and assorted nieces and nephews. This has been a source of great support and comfort over the last few months.

09:00 – Call with Louisa who is our lead on homelessness and multiple disadvantage as well as our work in Westminster and our ongoing Housing First project with Solace, Peabody, L&Q, Southern and Women’s Pioneer.

09.30 – Housing team weekly call which I always love as I get to see so many faces, have a giggle and plot what is next!

11:00 – Weekly sector call led by Women’s Aid and End Violence Against Women (EVAW). This was set up to ensure the sector is aligned in our work and can share information across organisations. It is always lovely to see so many smiley faces and get a sense of solidarity.

12:00 – Lunch – a chicken and avocado wrap! Check Twitter 😊

13:00 – Victims Voice Forum which is a fortnightly call to get an update on what is happening across the MET and see what London partners have been up to.

14:30 – Meeting internally about the SAFE Project, harmful practices and Faith & VAWG Coalition (which was launched in March 2020) and how to take this work forward at ST.

15:30 – Meeting with our pro bono communications team to write a story about how they have supported ST during this time with branding, media and website design.

17:00 – Check Twitter 😊

18:00 – Eat spaghetti bolognese.

19:00 – Binge watch Normal People until bedtime.