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Elizabeth is the Whole Housing Approach Coordinator at Standing Together and has been in her role since April 2020. She lives in Southwark and has yet to use her free swim & gym pass.


07:00 – Rudely awoken by partners’ alarm before he rips off my eye mask. Gooooood morning.

07:15 – Decide to wear dungarees today as I have no Zoom calls. Our entire house has bought the same ones, I insist that we wear them on rotation. Today is my day.

07:30 – Breakfast time. Tea-drinking begins. I am offered another day in our private bedroom-turned-office space today. In true British style I politely decline at least twice before accepting.

08:00 – Settle down into my office (camping) chair. Scroll through Twitter and accidentally spend 45 minutes watching Obama speeches. I follow a lot of lawyers and legal experts on Twitter who offer some incredibly useful free Zoom sessions so I sign up for a few.

09:00 – Sort through work emails and write a daily to do list. Organise my organisation tools (Trello board is in an unacceptable state) and put all new tasks and deadlines in my calendar.

09:45 – I start going through the outstanding resources for the Whole Housing Approach toolkit (of which there are many) and adapting/standardising them ready to be uploaded.

11:00 – I can hear someone hacking at a loaf of bread upstairs and decide it is time for a snack.

11:30 – DA Commissioner Nicole Jacobs is speaking at the oral evidence stage of the DA Bill, which I have on in the background. She is impressively articulate and honest, which is so lovely to see in the midst of current global political turmoil. Parliament camera doesn’t cope well with social distancing measures and cuts off people’s heads.

12:00 – I lead on administering the Hammersmith & Fulham sanctuary scheme, which secures the homes of domestic abuse survivors through additional security measures. I periodically check our sanctuary inbox for new referrals, and follow up with our contractor on two recent referrals from the local domestic abuse service Advance.

12:45 – Finish updating a directory of everyone involved in the Whole Housing Approach project and send it to the project board.

13:00 – I eat last night’s tea (or dinner, I am from the Midlands) for lunch and return to my camping chair. I google ‘Ikea desk chair’ for 20 minutes.

13:30 – I am writing a journal article with Kelly Henderson and Rebecca Vagi on the topic of housing and domestic abuse. I start reading recommended papers and outlining a plan. There are countless issues we could focus on, however the 1000-word count requires us to do some serious streamlining.

14:30 – Spend the rest of the day continuing to work on the Whole Housing Approach 2019/20 report.

18:00 – Zoom boxing class while my partner makes pizza dough in the kitchen.

19:20 – I call a friend while finishing off the pizza.

19:50 – We eat the pizza while watching the Jeffrey Epstein documentary. At some point we start talking about the Black Lives Matter movement which ends up in a 1.5-hour debate about discrimination in general and I have a brief meltdown.

22:30 – Ensure my partner is clear on the boundaries of our respective sides of the bed before going to sleep. I am glad that lock down has brought us closer together.