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Saranya is the DAHA London Development Manager at Standing Together and has been in her role since April 2019. She lives in West London and is a politics and dessert enthusiast…Still searching for the best Tiramisu in London.


08:15 – I get woken up but what may be my sixth or seventh alarm. I need to set multiple alarms otherwise I will never get up. I spend my time scrolling though Twitter to see what’s been happening. Today singer Jess Glynne is under fire surrounding a restaurant called’ ‘Sexy Fish’. I can’t believe there is a posh restaurant called Sexy Fish!

08:30 – Due to my lack of grace but excess of clumsiness, I fell over in the middle of the street yesterday evening and hurt my knee…now I am extra slow and hobbling around. It has taken me approximately 2673.43438  hours to get myself to the bathroom, shower and get dressed.

09:00 – Tea in an unnecessarily giant mug is ready. I spend time going through my emails and looking at my Trello board. Today is filled with lots of meetings!

09:30 – Time for our weekly team meeting with the lovely DAHA team. Since lockdown our monthly meetings have been weekly. Female company and chit chat are vital to have a good week so this is always a highlight, and also very productive of course #WomenAtWork.

12:07 – Team meeting is finished, and I run to the loo. There are consequences to drinking multiple cups of tea in a giant mug. I catch up on emails and complete some admin. I have various spreadsheets but the DAHA London log is my holy grail.  

13:00 – Have a quick call with Guddy to respond to the London Community Response. It’s been positive to be able to participate in these surveys as it’s a chance for smaller organisations like ours to feed into the Greater London Authority (GLA).

13:40 – Lunchtime - hobble over to the sofa and eat whilst watching an episode of New Girl. I never get bored of re-watching it!

14:00 – Lost track of time and have another call (need to put half eaten ice lolly back in the freezer!).  Myself, and the amazing Kelly Henderson have a meeting with the Housing Diversity Network and BME National. At DAHA we’re keen to do more work around strengthening our Inclusivity & Accessibility accreditation standard.

15:00 – Phone-call with Kelly to reflect on the previous meeting and discuss the plan for the upcoming few months (as well as a little non work-related chat and laughter).

16:10 – Working on a plan for our DAHA Inclusivity & Accessibility standard which is very exciting. My background is Tamil-Sri Lankan; my family came to the UK with refugee status, so this is another reason why ensuring all women are seen and supported is extremely important to me. Especially with the current hostile environment, women of colour and migrant women need to be supported as much as possible.

17:15 – Another working day is finished! And The Chase is on – this is a daily occurrence. Must learn the periodic table one day, can’t avoid these questions.

18:30 – I’ve figured out if I keep my knee still, I can do some exercise; this consists of hula hooping with a weighted hula hoop. Workout playlist includes Amerie, M.I.A and Chloe x Halle’s new album.

19:15 – Quick shower and get started on dinner – Aubergine Parmigiana! Sadly there is no parmesan in the fridge so cheddar will have to do. I apologise to the nation of Italy.

20:00 – Dinner is served! We watch the amazing Michaela Coel’s I May Destroy You.

21:00 – Time for a phone call with the best woman in the world A.K.A. my Amma (mum).

22:00 – I read the brilliant Vulture interview with Michaela Coel. It’s one of those pieces you can’t stop thinking about days after.

22:30 – Get ready for bed and assemble a tower of cushions so I can keep my leg elevated whilst I sleep. Aaah bed, my happy place - Night!