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Jane* is a co-located IDVA (Independent Domestic Violence Advisor) and has been in her role since November 2019. She lives in London and enjoys working out, loves self-care and all types of music especially old school garage and R&B.

*real name not used


07:02 - Alarm wakeup call yaaay! It’s a blessing to wake up to sunshine and the birds that love tweeting outside my window. Shower and put on my work out attire.

07:35 – Make vitamin C drink, turn on iPad and do an online workout which is resistance bands and isolated glutes today.

08:20 – Have another quick shower and change again into a smart top as I have a virtual meeting in a few hours.  

08:40 – Breakfast time - banana and toast with peanut butter (I seem to be loving this combination at the moment).

08:55 – Turn on laptop, login and check in on my co-location WhatsApp group which includes managers and co-located colleagues.

09:00 – Look through emails and write priority list for the day.

09:15 – Contact client A to complete a closing assessment as the they have now been provided with accommodation outside of the borough.  

10:16 – Contact client B to go through information needed for sanctuary scheme referral.

11:05 – Telephone call - consultation with housing needs officer regarding a victim/survivor who has fled her property and is currently staying at her parent’s home address.

11:28 – Call from client E regarding a Management Transfer and requesting support to complete the relevant form.

12:13 – Read over case notes for client F to prepare for ‘Team Around the Family’ (TAF) meeting.

12.45 – Log on to the virtual meeting.

14:05 – Call from a housing officer with regards to a mutual case allocated from last week.

14:20 – Lunchtime! Yum! Homemade Soup which consists of sweet potato, fish, one boiled egg, and spinach.

15:20 – Contact client H to discuss legal and civil remedies and to also update from housing.

15:50 – Email the OIC (Officer in Charge) police officer regarding a MARAC case.

15:56 – Call from client J with regards to housing move.

16:20 – Call from a homeless officer regarding the property rights of the alleged perpetrator.

16:32 – Call client L to discuss referral for counselling and the debt management appointment she attended  

17:16 – Log off for the day and check out on the WhatsApp co-location group.

17:30 – Change and head out for a walk around my local green and up a hill!