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DAHA Accreditation: findings from an external evaluation

Wednesday 27th January —12:30-14:00 — Zoom

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The Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) is pleased to present this upcoming event which will explore the findings from an external evaluation of DAHA’s accreditation scheme for social housing providers. 

The accreditation scheme is designed to help housing providers detect and respond to domestic abuse more effectively, identifying signs earlier and taking actions that improve safety and housing outcomes for survivors, including their children.

The findings come from an interim report which is part of a three-year evaluation by Joanne Bretherton, a Research Fellow at the University of York’s Centre for Housing Policy who is investigating the advantages of DAHA accreditation with two accredited housing providers. The final report is due for publication in Spring 2021.

The DAHA Development Manager team are eager to share these findings with you, which include beneficial impacts on survivors of domestic abuse, as well as on organisations and their staff who are working towards a more effective domestic abuse response.

During the event we will explore the overview and methodology of the interim report and the summary of key findings, as well as hearing from some housing providers about how DAHA accreditation has transformed their domestic abuse response. We will also discuss the report’s cost benefit analysis which shows that accreditation is cost effective for both housing provider services and the public purse.