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A partnership between 3 leading agencies leading change for cohesive policies and

strategies for tackling domestic violence and housing globally.



Gudrun Burnet

Senior Business partner at Peabody and has worked in the field of domestic abuse for 10 years. Guddy has trained over 43 Housing Provider’s nationally. Guddy is the housing representative for the National Violence Against Women’s and Girls stakeholder panel hosted by the Home Office.

She has spoken at International conferences in Czechoslovakia, Brighton, Belfast and the Hague about her work in housing and domestic abuse. She is a trustee of AVA and a 2016 Winston Churchill Fellow and was shortlisted for Red Magazine's Pioneering Woman of the year Award 2016.

The Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance’s (DAHA) mission is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse through the introduction and adoption of an established set of standards and an accreditation process. DAHA is a partnership between three agencies who are leaders in innovation to address domestic abuse within housing; Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV), Peabody and Gentoo


Launched in September of 2014, DAHA embeds the best practice learned and implemented by its 3 founding partners and has established the first accreditation for housing providers.

Nicole Jacobs

Since 2014, Nicole Jacobs has been the CEO of STADV.  For five years she worked on a state-wide level on domestic abuse. In 1997, she came to London and helped set up ADVANCE, one of the first IDVA services in the UK.


In 2000, she began working at STADV to expand the CCR approach into health settings. After returning to the UK following two years at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University, she worked for SafeLives, Refuge and her own freelance business before returning to STADV.

Kelly Henderson

Kelly's interest in domestic abuse started over 25 years ago as part of her university placement at a women’s refuge, her final year dissertation analysed gender differences in charging and sentencing of domestic abuse homicides.


Kelly's housing experience includes roles in housing management, asylum, policy and research. She is a board member of Women in Social Housing North East and has a Masters in Housing Management and Policy. Prior to her current role at Gentoo as Business Manager – Domestic Abuse, Kelly was the Domestic and Sexual Violence Lead for a local authority, co-ordinating the city’s Multi Agency Domestic Abuse Partnership. She has recently completed her PhD (Durham University) on the role of housing in a co-ordinated community response to domestic abuse.  


Kelly was named 24 Housing's ‘Housing Professional of the Year’ 2018.  

Sharon Crosby

Sharon has supported high risk survivors of domestic abuse since 2005 gaining experience with two local authorities. Initially working as an accredited Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA), she has for the last 4 years worked as a Senior IDVA supervising staff within the domestic violence team located within the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub in Cambridgeshire.


Sharon has experienced the benefits of partnership working including daily Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences in safeguarding adults and children at risk of abuse.


Sharon is passionate about protecting vulnerable people and is a core member of her local Hope for Justice abolition group, raising awareness in the community about modern day slavery.

Rebecca Vagi

Rebecca is the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) Team Manager at Standing Together Against Domestic Violence and has worked in the field of domestic violence for the past 10 years. Her experience includes delivering and managing frontline services for women and children, coordinating a local community response to domestic abuse in health and housing settings and working with organisations to develop in-house interventions that enhances how they deliver services to survivors and children.

In previous roles, Rebecca was the Development Manager at Women’s Aid Federation of England working on the Change that Lasts project, a needs-led and whole community response to domestic abuse that is being piloted across the country. She has also worked with the South East Coast Ambulance Service to set up a domestic abuse pilot, the first of its kind at an ambulance service in England, which introduced screening tools, trained champions and referral pathways to local services. Rebecca is also a guest lecturer at Goldsmith’s University for their MA Understanding Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse course.

Victoria Watts

Victoria joined DAHA in December 2017 to lead on developing an improved national response to domestic abuse in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). She brings her expertise from working over twenty years in Local Government leading teams and developing services in order to improve conditions and standards in the private rented sector with the belief that a decent and safe home is a fundamental basic need for all.  Victoria believes in combining effective enforcement where required with successful partnership working and education to drive real change in the private rented sector and safeguard tenants. 


In her last role Victoria successfully ensured the introduction and implementation of  safeguarding conditions within a housing licensing framework, to add further protection for residents in unsupported temporary accommodation.  Victoria is now implementing this approach in relation to domestic abuse and the private rented sector.




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