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We're the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance

We are a national partnership between three agencies: housing associations Peabody (London) and Gentoo (Sunderland), and London-based charity Standing Together Against Domestic Violence.

The Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance’s (DAHA) mission is to improve the housing sector’s response to domestic abuse through the introduction and adoption of an established set of standards and an accreditation process. 

Launched in September of 2014, DAHA embeds the best practice learned and implemented by its 3 founding partners and has established the first accreditation for housing providers.

DAHA is leading the housing sector's response to domestic abuse

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) endorses DAHA as national best practice in the national Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy:

"Domestic abuse has a devastating effect on lives and communities and this Government has put forward proposals for new laws which will transform our approach to this terrible crime...

...I welcome this initiative led by the Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance and encourage housing organisations to take a proactive approach to supporting survivors of domestic abuse."

Communities Minister, Nigel Adams, August 2018


Click here to read research papers on domestic abuse from some of our founding partners.

Working with governments across Europe and the rest of the world to re-shape thinking and approaches to tackling domestic violence and housing, we provide advice, lobbying and consultancy on policies, processes and training. 

Read more about our lobbying here.

Our National Group brings partners from across the domestic abuse and housing sectors together.

Read more about the National Group here.

Our membership model is designed to enable you to invest in DAHA's development, allowing you to be a part of our pioneering work to transform the housing sector's response to domestic abuse. 

Read more about our membership here

DAHA Accreditation is the UK benchmark for how housing providers should respond to domestic abuse in the UK.

Read more about our accreditation scheme here.

Our Private Rented Sector work aims to raise awareness of domestic abuse amongst private landlords by engaging in partnership and educational work.

Read more about our work in the PRS here.

Our Whole Housing approach brings together domestic abuse systems leaders with the aim to provide a plethora of housing options to people experiencing domestic abuse.

Read more about Whole Housing here.

Emergency help

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, help and support are available.

In an emergency call...


The Police

Telephone: 999


National Domestic Abuse Helpline

Telephone: 0808 2000 247 (Freephone)


For advice and access to support please email us